Our Story

APPII was founded in March 2016 by Gary McKay, Brian McNulty and Adi Ben-Ari.

Gary, Brian, and Adi had all been involved with blockchain in one shape or form when they met to discuss how the new technology could revolutionise how people verify their personal credentials.

We asked ourselves – could we drive a fundamental change and bigger benefit for people, employers and organisations?

We imagined a world where an individuals day to day use of personal information, be it for a job, a career,

travel or finances is made significantly easier if their data has been verified.

Adi built a prototype, proving how easy and effective it is to use blockchain to verify an individual’s identity, qualifications and work experiences on the blockchain. Brian and Gary mapped out how to drive a material shift in the process and business model.

APPII was born… APPII is latin for farsighted. We want to help people and organisations maximise future possibilities, no exceptions.